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Yoga and live atmospheric music

Yoga practice and sound are both very powerful and complementary tools that may support you in your inner journey. They help the mind become more calm and peaceful and the body to let go of any unnecessary tension. This, in turn, allows your energy to awaken and flow more freely.

This event will be a little adventure, a journey of self-inquiry through movement and stillness, through vocal expression and silence, all accompanied by atmospheric music. Everyone may enter with their own intentions and all will have their own unique inner process. At the same time, going on this journey as a group, we will support each other and surely create something beautiful together.   

We will be practicing at a very beautiful location - inside an old chapel in the heart of The Hague. This environment will make our experience even more special. 

Ksenya will guide you through the yoga practice & meditation while Nikos will be supporting you with a soulful atmospheric sound throughout the journey. Join us for this unique experience!


Date & Time: 26th of February 15:30-17:30
Place: Barthkapel, Brouwersgracht 2K, 2512 ER Den Haag
Price: 33 euro

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