Guitar Technique – From scales, chords, arpeggios, sight reading to fingerings, picking/plugging methods, speed and accuracy.

Rhythm – Timing precision/freedom, polyrhythms, odd meters and coordination.

Theory, Harmony and Composition – Using examples from Classical to Pop and Jazz music to learn how to use harmony in a functional but yet free and creative way.

Improvisation – How to improvise melodically over different chords schemes but also broader aspects such as building and breaking tension waves and telling an artistic story.

Song Learning - Just learn how to play your favourite song and jam with your favourite bands.

*Also available through Skype/Zoom/Facetime/Whatsapp etc.

Available for band coaching and group classes.

Lessons take place in The Hague and surrounding areas.

© 2019 by Nikos Charalambous

The Hague, Netherlands

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