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Nikos was of great help when I was preparing my audition for the conservatory. It all worked out great in the end. A great teacher and player with clear language and very inspirational.


I loved having lessons with Niko. He was the first person to introduce me to jazz theory and besides his excellent capacity of communication and his easy-going approach that makes you comfortable right away, you can tell how much he loves to teach, spreading his motivation and making you feel really inspired! Really glad our paths crossed.


My son has been learning from Nikos for almost a year now. Nikos is a great teacher and my son truly enjoys working with him. I have a great admiration and respect on how involved Nikos is with his student. He tries to bring the best in the student and pushes him enough to reach the next level. Highly recommended.


Happy I found Nikos as my new guitar teacher! I've played for a few years before, but was hardly progressing anymore. After a few lessons I am motivated to practice again and I am already getting better. Nikos is a relaxed guy that is easy to communicate with. Above all he is a very good guitar player (quite essential as teacher), especially when he improvises and starts playing some tunes that sound great. He talks about what I want to learn, asks me if he understood my wishes correctly, and then shows me exercises how to practice at home. While we are doing exercises he also discusses theory, which is always good to understand music better. In conclusion I think he is a complete guitar teacher who I would definitely recommend!


One of the things I liked most of Nikos' guitar lessons is that he is such a passionate and magical guitar player. This gives a great motivation in the lessons! Also if you are a singer-songwriter he can really help to spice up your songs! :)


Nikos is an extremely talented musician and fantastic teacher. Having lessons with him means not only learning how to play guitar (among other instruments) in a fun, engaging and extremely guided way, but to feel the music and get excited about your musical journey towards finding your own “voice” through the notes along the way. He meets you where you are and helps you get where you want to be. Absolutely recommend!

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