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"Luca Warmer & Nikos Charalambous"


A vocal/guitar duo based between Rotterdam and The Hague, playing music from the Jazz, Soul and R&B repertoire as well as original compositions.

The duo expands its sound through the use of loops and electronics.

Luca Warmer on Spotify

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"Strings & Wine"

Jazz/Blues/Bossa nova/Pop

"Strings & Wine" is a jazz and bossa nova duo based on stringed instruments. The duo consists of Ignacio Santoro on double bass and Nikos Charalambous on guitar.

Ignacio Santoro on Spotify

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'Duospheric' trailer
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Bookings are available for several occasions such as weddings, parties, business openings, meetings and all sorts of diverse gatherings. Just to make a warm atmosphere on a special evening, lunch or brunch.

Alkistis Lampropoulou on Spotify

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